Released: BatchStamp v1.0

Have you ever felt the need to mark your photos with the date, and time they were taken on? Often we feel the need to do so. This is usually a simple process: Open your favorite image editor, select the text tool, and add the date/time to it. Save. This is usually enough for a single photo, but what when you have hundreds of photos? It would take hours and hours of your precious time to stamp each photo individually. I faced the same problem, and thus, I’ve released BatchStamp, a simple and efficient program that lets you add the photos to a list, and press “Stamp”. Then, sit back. The program does the stamping work for you, and what’s more – it extracts the date modified [or date taken, in this case], and stamps it on the photo. Following are the main features of this program:

  • Light-weight, graphical interface.
  • Cross-Platform
  • Add and delete photos from a list graphically and easily.
  • Select the color [rgb format] of the datestamp. RGB values are supported.
  • Modify the font properties like the size and the font family of the datestamp.
  • Choose the location you want the date to be stamped on.
  • One-Click process with near-zero hassles.

The program runs on the Java Runtime Environment (JRE). If you don’t have Java installed on your computer, go to, and get it on your PC.

The program is available for Microsoft Windows, and Linux systems. Since it runs on the Java Virtual Machine, it can literally run on any platform, and the program executable is a JAR file, which is system-independent bytecode. All this; so you can literally run it on any platform with Java, though it has been tested only for Ubuntu and Windows.

Download Link:

Do go through the read-me file before use.

Dantin Kakkar,

6th March, 2012

New Delhi


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