The Cat and the Coup – A documentary+game

“The Cat and the Coup” is a documentary in form of a game about CIA’s ousting of Iran’s Mossedegh. It’s technically not a game in the “game” sense, it’s just a story told in a very interesting manner. You get to play as Mossedegh’s cat, and your job is to coax him out of each room and in the end uncover the story of Mossedegh’s ousting by the CIA and the events that led to it.

The art is intricate and beautiful, and so is the soundtrack, and you will be immersed in this game for the short time (it took me 15 minutes) you’ll take to play it through. You’ll either enjoy it or learn something new, so it’s totally worth your time.

I won’t really reveal much more here as it’s just 15 minutes of gameplay, so saying something at this stage will be equivalent to ruining it for you, though there’re technically no spoilers for a documentary.

It’s completely free and just a 59 megabyte download on Steam, so you should go ahead and give it a whirl. Here are the links to the game and the official game website.

You can also just download it off the website if you want.