BatchStamp v1.0

As I’ve been hooting for the last few days, BatchStamp v1.0 is officially out. It’s available as a free download from Softpedia and Sourceforge, and there’s a link up at GoogleDocs too: though the Softpedia and Sourceforge links ought to work quite well. I decided to upload some screenshots to show you how it works…

Let’s say that I have an image named dan.png under /home/dantinkakkar/Desktop/screens/ and I want to add a date/time stamp to it. Here’s how I want the timestamp: It’s color should be white, it should be in the font “ARIAL” and it’s relative size should be 20.

So I navigate towards BatchStamp’s portable JAR file and right-click on it, and then click on “Open with OpenJDK Java Runtime”.

This is what will open up (I’m currently using Ubuntu, the interface will look different for Windows). Now, I’ll click on Add New File… and add dan.png to the list from the file-chooser that opens up. Next, I go to Tools > Preferences and change the settings. Below is how the preferences dialog will look on an Ubuntu system:

The target directory, prefix, position of datestamp, font face/size, and text color [RGB] can be edited from here. Setting 1.0 as the value for all three will give us white, obviously. So after performing both steps, we press Save Preferences and then Stamp Files.

Below is a before-after comparison:

Before Stamping:

After Stamping:

The usefulness increases with the number of files to be stamped in one go.

Get it from CNET!



  1. this is a great and simple app, although it would be so much more useful if you could extract the date/time taken exif data and use that for the stamp, rather than the file creation (?) time. Is this possible?


  2. I agree with you. v2.0 which is already finished has that and also hands over to you the ability to customize the date-stamp string to a much greater level. In addition to that, when you start the app, a message at the bottom will just state whether or not an update is available. I’ve added an opacity option for the date stamp too, I’ll put it out within a few days; am actually tied up due to exams!

    Cheers! 🙂


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