GTA SA Passenger Mod

A little while ago, I had created a passenger mod for the Rockstar title that rocked the world – GTA San Andreas. Though not the first of it’s kind, GTA San Andreas provided it’s players with thousands of abilities and features that were much desired for from the earlier titles, apart from a huge game world in which players could do pretty much anything. After completing the missions, exploring almost every corner of the map, and spending a long time practicing with almost every gun; like all GTA San Andreas users, I wanted a few more elements inside the game to enhance the game play and give the game at least a few years more of juice. The game is outdated now, but millions of people along with me still go back to it when they’re really sick and bored. One of the things that I craved for, was the ability to ride as passenger on any vehicle. The lust for such an ability grew till I decided to make a mod myself; and so I did, using the CLEO v4 library-plus-script. The mod is on GA Garage, in fact. It’s primitive, but fun to go around with, and literally solved my purpose.

The mod is simple, efficient, and easy-to-use. You just need to set a target on the map, enter the traffic, or even an empty car (though an empty car can never give the same effect :P), and press SHIFT+TAB. Voila! Carl gets into the nearest car, and the car zooms off to your target, obeying all traffic rules and still providing enough room for a drive-by. Below is a video I uploaded with it, so that you know it actually works smoothly. The video was shot near the Las Venturas Airport, and the car Carl rode on was a Securicar. He actually got into the back part of the van. Below is it’s link!

You can get the mod from GTA Garage by clicking on the link below:

Have fun! 😉


One Comment

  1. I was searching for this kind of mod. Even i also wanted because i used to get bored. Thank for making such a beautiful mod. ~20/10/2013


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